I don’t know how much square feet I have, how will I know the price?

You can bring, mail, fax, or e-mail a drawing of your kitchen to us and we can figure out how much square feet you have. You can make up a drawing of your kitchen by measuring the back wall of every place that there is a countertop and measuring from front to back. Other things to tell us is: If you would like backsplash, the normal height is 3″.  Also if you would like a under-mount sink, drop in sink, or an apron sink.


Why doesn’t TLC come and do a free in home measure without the purchase of a kitchen?

The reason we don’t is because most people want a price based off of their square footage. We can’t offer a price just based on square footage because different materials are different prices as are the colors within each material. We recommend that you choose your color first, and then get a price. Because prices vary greatly, the price may be way off from what your were given an estimate for. We can come out to give you a measure before purchase, but a deposit is required of $75.00. If you purchase the kitchen through us, the $75.00 is deducted from the total countertop cost. If you decide to go somewhere else, we keep the $75.00 for time and labor.

Why are the colors different prices? Are the lesser expensive colors not the same quality?

The colors are different prices based upon the manufacturer. Usually the older colors are least expensive. The quality is the same.