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Granite Granite
Granite has been the choice of builders and homeowners for over a century.

Every slab is unique and cannot be duplicated
Granite requires sealing every year, but this is very easy to do.

Silestone Silestone
Made of natural quartz, the 4th hardest mineral found in nature.

The only countertop with built-in antimicrobial protection

Scratch, stain and scorch-resistant.

No sealing required

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved

Comes with a 15 year warranty

Micro ban atimicrobial protection to safely fight the spread of bacteria, mold and mildew for the life of the product

Hanstone Hanstone
Non porous and requires no sealing

Heat, bacteria and stain resistant

Chip and scratch resistant

Easy to maintain and clean (mild soap and water)

Backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty